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Cody Contway, 27, of Citrus Heights, California, poses for a portrait showing a tattoo of his deceased cousin Kyle Gamboa near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In September of 2013, Kyle Gamboa, the 18-year-old son of Manuel Gamboa Jr. and Kymberlyrenee Gamboa of Fair Oaks, California committed suicide by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge. Kyle’s parents have been regular speakers at the bi-monthly board of directors meetings, advocating for a suicide prevention barrier on the bridge. The broad of directors have publicly expressed interest in moving forward in seeking funding for a suicide prevention barrier. In 2013, a record number of 46 people died, about one every eight days. In total, 1600 people have committed suicide off the bridge since the bridge was built in 1937.





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  1. Janine Lewis #
    March 29, 2014

    I can’t help but think – “this could be our child,” and so many have from this bridge. The suicide bet is so vital – to catch that soul before it’s time to really go.
    I knew Kyle Gamboa and treasure his huge heart. I’m sitting in a playhouse of my son right now writing this and he spent time in here . I feel him now- sweet child being himself, laughing , taking funny photos with friends,and growing! Bless his heart and think of how needed a safety net is to such a beautiful icon of a bridge

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